New Casinos 2018

Discovering New Casinos from 2018: What’s different?

It is totally clear to everyone that it is no longer enough to provide players with a big game portfolio and generous promotions. In today’s tough competition an online casino needs a lot more than that to get – and keep – their players. This is the reason that the market is developing in a fast rate with new inventions almost daily. New casinos make sure to implement at least one new thing, in order to try to stick out and get a lot of players. During 2018 we will continue to see development in the following areas.


Except for the actual casino games a lot of new casinos offer some sort of game outside of the games, which is what is called gamification. It could be an adventure or a story, where you as a player can be an avatar that has the opportunity to earn points, either by playing the casino games or by doing different challenges or missions. These points help you advance in the adventure, giving you the opportunity to fight different characters or the like. The points will also give you free spins, bonuses or other rewards. At the base of it, it is actually quite similar to a regular loyalty or VIP program, but the fact that there’s a story behind makes it much more exciting, which is exactly what new casinos are looking for.

VR and AR

VR, Virtual Reality, is something that already exists in some casinos, but it is still quite rare. It basically means that you get a feeling of actually walking around in a real casino, even though it is all on your screen. To be able to do this you need special VR glasses, which used to be very expensive, but as the price is getting friendlier for buyers, the amount of players who try VR casinos is growing, which is the reason that new casinos try this feature. It is really a breakthrough in this field, since it makes the experience so much more realistic.

AR, Augmented Reality, is also a step towards more realistic experiences. This feature gives you 3D animations within you real-life feed and gives you computer-enhanced characters in front of you, as opposed to on your screen. This feature already exists in the newest smartphones, so it is only a question of time when it will also hit the iGaming sector and make its way to new casinos.


The days are long gone when it was enough to launch a good online casino site for computers. Nowadays more and more players choose to play on their smartphones or tablets, so the casinos must be compatible for these devices, as well. Most serious casinos offer apps, besides their mobile friendly site and these should be compatible to both iOS and Android.

Payment methods

Last, but not least, we see a development regarding payment methods at new casinos 2018. Some casinos have begun to accept PayPal, which is very convenient, and there are even casinos where you can play in crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. But the major change is the possibility to get instant cashouts, to see what casinos are offering instant cashouts check snabbavinster. Since this is the future, the amount of new casinos 2018 that will accept this payment method will probably grow throughout the year.