Comanche 4 Review

Another flight simulation game and the fourth installment of the popular game. If you are a fan of powerful choppers, then you will enjoy flying a supped advanced Comanche helicopter. It is a traditional helicopter combat game that supports more than 30 missions. One thing is sure; you won’t be bored while go thought task and try to solve challenging situations. Considering that game was released in 2001, it would be pointless to compare it to resent video games. So, if you are expecting over the pot graphics and a lot of features, then you should avoid this game, but for that time, it was an excellent game.

One thing is sure, Comanche 4 surpasses previous sequels and players are presented with better graphics and more options than its predecessors. You will have a chance to fly the most advanced, top – technology chopper the U.S. army ever had. The great asset is that developers decided to change voxel – based engine to one of the next generation powered by polygonal bliss and this is the biggest change you will notice. Many gamers are very satisfied with this change.

The entire game revolves around the action, which is immensely satisfying for all action lovers, something similar to the biggest explosions you have seen in the movies. Even though the game demanded high system requirements in the past, many people found this as a lack, but now, this can be described as a low demanding game. While playing, games have a chance to explore many features and control methods has its advantages and disadvantages. You can tilt, rotate and shift the chopper in any direction until you find a perfect angle and you can zoon everything.

Comanche 4 provides a multiplayer option, which is great if you want to play with a friend, who will be your teammate and you will have a lag free play to support it. In addition to the multiplayer mode, Comanche 4 is equipped with the mission editor.