Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

Open world games are slowly taking over the gaming industry, and a Ghost Recon: Wildlands is no exception. Tom Clancy games have its own familiar pattern, some region in the world is completely devastated by the internal battles, bad governing regime or confrontation with a drug cartel. In all this mess, there is only one solution, a special force unit which is a part of the American military. But, they are underground, an unofficial group of mercenaries that are trying to save the world.

This time, the game takes place in Bolivia, the destroyed economy, weak government administration and population which is in poverty fall under the biggest South American drug cartel called Santa Blanca. There is a huge fear in people, and the rebels are on the verge of giving up. Then the DEA undercover agent gets killed, and the American government is sending this unit to save the day. This is a traditional plot which we have seen countless times in Tom Clancy games.

When you start playing the game, you will see a vast open world, which is divided into 21 regions. This is probably the biggest open world you ever had a chance to see in the gaming industry, and this is the best feature of this game. The players won’t have the exact directions or when the mission will end, which gives you are freedom and pretty easy-going approach towards some missions and battles. In some games, the player gets at least some hint at the beginning of the game, but in here, after few missions, you are on your own.

Even though the world is big, each region is unique in some way. The same thing was with The Witcher 3, wherever you go, everything looks different. For each region, you will get at least five hours to complete the main missions, if you want to finish all activities, then you will need a couple of hours more. The great thing about this game is as you complete one are, the next one is even better and more beautiful, so you will never get bored.

The movement in the game is a bit stiff, so you have an impression that you are some kind of a robot. You won’t be able to turn or jump suddenly. But, soon, you will get accustomed.