Are games useful for children and young adults?

Many people, especially parents, have been questioning the influence of video games and computers on their kids. The opinions are divided.And while some of them are against, the others allow their kids to play video games and use mobile devices. Considering that we live in the 21th century and that we can hardly imagine someone without a mobile phone and the internet. Some parents forbid their kids to use it. But, are they right and are they doing more harm than good?


First of all, we need to consider all possible aspects. And many scientist and doctors warn us every day that today’s youth is more developed and advanced than we were. A great portion of this is due to computers and mobile devices. Their brain can process the information faster. Some research has proved it’s also bigger than ours. So, in this case, advanced technologies can help them improve their learning and comprehension skills. Now, everything is available on the internet. They are highly trained to operate any device, unlike older population. Looking on a longer run, they won’t have troubles finding jobs because they adapt information and skills much faster.


On the other hand, no matter how useful video games and modern technologies can be, there are some things we shouldn’t neglect. For example, the faster flow of information also means the short-term memory. Which can become a problem in the future. The more data they tend to have, the quicker they start forgetting about important things. Another issue that raises our concern is isolation and living in a virtual world. Younger generations have drifted apart when you look at them from behind. They don’t talk any more, they don’t have fun. But instead of that, they are staring into a smartphone, playing games, taking photos or browsing the web. But, we are yet to what future will bring us and will this trend continue to happen.

If you want to do good with your child, then teach him to find the balance between the virtual world and real life. We think this is the best solution to ensure mental stability of your children.