Falcon 4.0: Allied Force review

If you enjoy simulation and piloting games, then the Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is the right choice for you. While playing this game, you will have a chance to fly three different F – 16 combat models. The entire game was done in a magnificent way, where the planes are nearly the same as originals. The plot was set in Korea and Balkans, where planes have to cover a million square miles of territory. The game has two simulations in one due to a dynamic campaign. Falcon, the aircraft, is continuously fighting war threats all over the world, while the player is engaged in direct combat.


When the initial game was released, it promised to be the first which will have battlefield operations series. The Falcon 4 was mostly modified, it became more stable, and some areas such as AI and graphics have been improved. It is obvious that developers are trying to attract the old audience, who once played the original game, as well as, new players how are yet to try it.

Considering the installation, in the past the game came on a single CD – ROM and the installation process took about five minutes. You needed to have 1.23 GB of storage on your computer. The basic procedure was you click the next button until you see the finish sign. But, this was 15 years ago, now you can just find the game online and download it directly to your computer. With the original game, you even get the instruction manual.

Setting up the initial menus is quite easy. The surface is pretty clean and organized, and you can basically read all the instruction. You don’t have to a Brainiac to launch this game. Selecting each menu brings additional menus you need to set up, but everything is entirely explained, with a lot of details and pictures. Based on the description, you can easily choose the right things and set up your options.

When you go to a training section, you will see that all training scenarios have been explained. Training missions exist for both areas Korea and Balkans and training missions are adjusted to work correctly.