CH Products Fighterstick Review

Fighterstick is a great addition to any gamer, and it makes playing video games much easier. It tends to be expensive, so you need to choose carefully when you are buying one. In this case, we have decided to review one Fighterstick called CH and help you in your selection. The reason why we thought to try it is that we heard and read so many great online reviews from others and we thought is time to test it.

Many bloggers call it fighter stick legendary, at first, we thought they are exaggerating. But we soon discovered it’s not the case with this Fighterstick. The software that is installed lets you program 176 different modes, which is quite impressive. The LED indicator that is located at the sturdy base reminds you how your stick is positioned. On the base, you have positioned rotary wheels. While the stick is equipped with controls, you will have three buttons and one trigger.

CH Products Fighterstick has a realistic F – 16 handle, dual rotary wheels, a side throttle wheel and 24 buttons. Which gives you 176 functions which you can program and use as a fight control. The great thing about this stick is that allows you the USB connectivity it is compatible with any computer, and you get 7-foot cable long.


We tested this device in action, and we can say it’s awesome. It has a great feel and texture while holding it; our hand wasn’t sweating, even though it’s built from the polymer. It took us a couple of hours to learn all the functions and how to program the unit, but overall, this device was worth the money. The manufacturer promises longevity, toughness, and accuracy, so far, we were able to determine the last two, but, for the first one, we are yet to see.

If you want to invest your money in a quality stick, then we would recommend this one. We are very satisfied how well it performed during the play. If you already have this stick, tell us your thoughts and are you satisfied with its performance?